Note from the Founding Members:

Dear Clients and Prospective Hires, Thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate your interest in Globistaan Technologies and Exports Private Limited, an IT services startup based in the beautiful mountain area of Himachal Pradesh in India.

The idea of Globistaan came into existence as we want to be a valuable part of the global community and see a tremendous scope in the technology sector as a software development services company. This venture is a humble attempt in solving challenges and exploring new avenues in the field of technology.

Why Choose Us?

Also, we are 

With all the above registrations in place, we aim to win the trust of clients around us, and also, those far away! We understand that globalization presents multi-fold opportunities to collaborate with unknown talent, but it also brings challenges of the unknown - we work hard towards towards building this trust.

    As a startup founder who has spent close to 13 years in the IT industry developing web applications for global banks, I understand the need for security and trust in the people who support proprietary code.

  We look forward to working with you!