IT is the core of what we do. Though we are into Web Designing and Java projects, we are just as excited to engage with you on anything to do we technology. India is the land of tech experts, and we are fortunate to have our base in country with the largest techno force. Whether you are individual, a startup or a big organisation, whether you have a few days work and need freelance support or you have that big long term vision, do reach out to us and we will get things moving for you.

Tell us what your tech project needs and we will give you access to the plethora of tech talent around us.  Please let us know in the Contact Us section.

We are experienced with the the below Tech Stack:

We try to cover the A to Z needs of your software, here is a list of a few good things (though not exhaustive) we can do for you.


Today's software world is all about being Agile , we are experienced with Agile projects - be it SCRUM or KANBAN - we are experts in managing your JIRA BOARD.

Behavior Driven Development:

Are you from a non-tech background who wants to be sure of whats going on inside the business logic of the app that's being developed?

We are experienced using tools like Cucumber which use the Gherkin language and write test cases with Java or Groovy, it becomes very easy for all stake holders to understand the test scenarios.

Continuous Integration:

Are you looking for automation through continuous using Jenkins or build that Terraform script to automate resource creation. We can help you with Continuous Integration - the way you need it.

Database Queries : Are you working on Sql or Oracle or Nosql Database like Cassandra? Do you need to fine tune your queries? Do you want to create a Materialized view to make data retrieval faster? We are here to help you come up with the best database solutions.

Enterprise applications: Need help in building large scale enterprise applications with multiple upstream and downstream systems? We are ready to help you and work with you to build efficient enterprise applications.

Front End Technologies: We can get you developers with beginner to moderate level expertise in front end technologies, be it the good old javascript or libraries and framewroks like jquery, extjs , angular or react - we are everready to share , learn and grow with you.

Git : Never again worry about losing track of your code commits. Automate your deployment using GITOps. We understand GIT, and we understand how to use it well.

High-level design:  High-level design, also known as architectural design, outlines the overall structure and components of a software system. It defines the major subsystems, their interactions, and the overall data flow. A well-crafted high-level design serves as a blueprint for the detailed design and implementation phases.

Infrastructure as code (IaC): IaC is a method of managing infrastructure using code, rather than manually configuring and maintaining hardware and software resources. This approach enables automation, consistency, and repeatability in infrastructure management. We can help you with provisioning your resources using Terraform's HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) or configure them using Ansible playbooks.

JUnit Testing: Want to be sure your team's code does exactly what you intended it to do? even when requirements are constantly changing? We strive to make your code backed up with solid unit tests. TDD (Test Driven Development) is the way to go.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):  We can help you keep control of the project by tracking important KPIs like code coverage, defect rate, release frequency, and user satisfaction. Our experience tells us these metrics always help to "Seize the bull by the horns".

Legacy Code Refactoring: Do you have code that needs a few helping hands to clean up and make it meaningful?  We treat every piece of code as a learning block and can find you just the right resource to do the heavy lifting and make your code make sense to everyone.

Micro-services Architecture : For many, if not all, applications - micro-services is the way to go.  Break your monoliths into small scalable and highly available and robust micro services. Be it a JSON spring boot restful api or an XML SOAP based micro-service - we can help you scale up , scale fast and scale right.

Non-Functional Testing (NFT): Do would want to test aspects beyond the core functionality of software, like performance, security, usability, and accessibility to ensure software meets user expectations and delivers a satisfactory experience? We can help!

Oauth Implementation : Have a custom implementation using JWTs or want to have a fresh implementation. Let us know..

Project Management : You are an established business have a large project and need help with project management stuff? Glad to be of help..

QA (Quality Assurance) Testing: QA in a tech project is the process of ensuring software meets quality standards throughout the development lifecycle. We can help with testers who can write test cases and ensure your project is up to date.

Release Management : We can help with planning, testing, and deploying software updates to your production environment.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) : Be it Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment or Maintenance of your applications - we can get you a team ready in no time, to help you with your SDLC processes.

TDD (Test Driven Development) : Want to write a brand new code with Test Driven Development? We ensure that your code does exactly what it is intended to do by TDD approach. We like to believe "The creator first created the test, then followed the code and then came the functionality".

Unified Modeling Language (UML) : Want to create a visual diagram for specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of your systems? We can help you with your UML diagrams.

Vulnerability Testing: We can work with you in identifying and exploiting weaknesses in your software system to improve security.

Website development:  We can contract with freelancers and help you with

UX Design, Interaction Design, UI Design, User Research, User Flow, IA (Information Architecture,Competetive Analysis, Wireframing,Web Design, Mobile Design)

Xml Technologies: Do you have a need to create an XML based SOAP web service? Let us know.

You First

Well, like all great companies, we try our best to keep your interest first. The most important aspect in any software is the experience it generates for the users. We yearn to be your goto company for all your software development needs.


Well that brings us to the end of the alphabetical ladder! We are passionate , zealous and always seeking ways to better ourselves by sharing what we have and learning from our customers. At the end of the day, earning a happy and satisfied customer is our end goal, always.

*Note: All the images above are for representation purpose only. They might not exactly or accurately match or represent the description , but are only suggestive of the topic being discussed.